Returner Support

The Harkness Fellows Association have been awarded a grant by the Commonwealth Fund to explore and develop approaches to providing more support to Harkness Fellows on their return to the UK. The steering group for this project includes Judy Hargadon, Tom Hayhoe, Nason Maani, Maddy Phipps Taylor, Emma Watson – all former HFs. They can be reached via

The project will operate in four phases.

  • Phase 1 : Questionnaire to Fellows – out now. See covering letter below. If you are a UK fellow who completed in the last 15 years and have not received a questionnaire from HFA please contact Lizzie on
  • Phase 2 : Focus Groups to discuss options for increased support.
  • Phase 3 : Testing of options explored.
  • Phase 4 : Survey of all Alumni to seek areas of expertise for offering support to completing fellows on their return.

Introduction to Phase 1 Questionnaire.

We are seeking your views from your experience. Harkness Fellows have busy lives so we hope this questionnaire will not take too long to complete.

Please reflect on your time leading up to and the years following your return to the UK or the end of your fellowship. We are interested to know about factors that helped your return and areas where you would have valued more support so we can understand how better to support returning fellows through the connections and experience of the Harkness Fellows Association. We are making no qualitative judgements about successful returns and career steps.

The information from this survey will be used to create proposals for actions to support returning fellows which will be discussed in focus groups. No personal information will be shared, but we would like to use unattributed quotes from the free text boxes.

Do please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions about this survey by sending a message to the Steering Group via Lizzie on –