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Date : 21/04/2021 | Time : 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm |

Online via Zoom

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This talk will address four aspects of the 26th conference of the parties  to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 26), which is to be held in Glasgow in November, bringing together representatives of 197 countries and 30,000 participants. Those four aspects are Science, Law, Engineering and Politics. In 2013, levels of CO2 in the atmosphere exceeded 400ppm for the first time in human history; they continue to rise, and scientists warn of a diminishing time window for effective action. US Climate Secretary Kerry has spoken of 20 countries producing 81% of worldwide emissions; in Glasgow will they find the political will to match and exceed COP21 (Paris) emission reduction targets? Will the outcomes of COP26 then be delivered by effective national laws? Will key engineering solutions in solar, wind, hydrogen, nuclear, and batteries be found, and will financing for a global energy transition be forthcoming?

William Wilson is a barrister, environmental and energy lawyer, and consultant  who was a Harkness Fellow in 1996-97, based in Portland, OR, where he studied and wrote a book on ‘Making Environmental Laws Work’, a continuing interest. He has set up and runs a website which provides ideas and resources for young people on climate at . He is due to present events on law, engineering and climate education at the Italian government’s Milan Youth Summit in September 2021.

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