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Date : 16/11/2022 | Time : 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm |

Zoom Event – Refugees in the UK – Getting Behind the Myths, Sara Nathan

In the midst of media scare stories and political weaponisation of refugees, how do we get to the truth about the impact of refugees on the UK.  Why is there such political antipathy, when on an individual level families have been very welcoming to refugees from Ukraine in recent months. Is it just that Ukrainians: white, female and Christian are seen as acceptable? The anticipated High Court Judgement on the Rwanda policy, due in October, will have serious implications for refugees and the UK’s reputation as a humanitarian international player going forward.

Sara Nathan has volunteered with asylum seekers for a decade and in 2016 set up Refugees at Home to match generous hosts with refugees and asylum-seekers in need of somewhere to stay. She has hosted 32 times since then. Sara was a Harkness fellow at Stanford University 1977-79. She joined BBC News when she returned and rose to be the first editor of the morning programme on radio 5 Live. She went on to edit Channel 4 News and since then has had a huge range of different public appointments. She is married to Malcolm Singer (HF 1981-3) – they met at the returner’s reception in 1983!

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