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Date : 13/06/2023 | Time : 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm |

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Restoration of national sovereignty played a central part in securing the vote for Brexit. Many were persuaded that there was choice to be made between “sovereignty” and ignominious subservience to others.  Globalism, internationalism – and the EU in particular – were felt to represent an assault on nationality and the very existence of the nation state.

The losing side believed that to be a false choice. Every international treaty involves some sacrifice of independence of action in the pursuit of wider benefits.  There is a distinction to be made between pure sovereignty and effective sovereignty, which might be defined as maximising a country’s ability to shape the world in which it must make its way. In the modern, interconnected world national interests cannot be defined, let alone pursued, nationally.

Where does the balance lie between these competing visions of sovereignty? What is the patriotic choice?

The speaker, Anthony Cary, was a diplomat who served as chef de cabinet to Chris Patten in the European Commission, and later as British Ambassador to Sweden and High Commissioner to Canada. He is Chairman of the Canada-UK Council. He was a Harkness Fellow from 1980 to 82

This talk will be on Zoom.  The talk is free but you do need to book a place to get access details. Please ignore references to payment.


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