Peter Fells

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Peter Fells (HF 1966-67) FRCS.FRColOphth. My expected route after qualifying in Medicine would have been house man, registrar, consultant but a visiting neurologist  advised working in USA first. I applied for and gained a HF for my wife and 2 children aged 3 1/2 years and just 1 year old to travel. We sailed on the Queen Mary on Sept 3rd, met Martha English in New York who found local accommodation. I worked with Dr R S Jampel in Columbia University on cranial nerves that supply muscles that move the eyes. I planned that we would visit the major eye department in each state. At the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota every patient sees each doctor who does one test on them. I taught them that eosine and amethocaine can be mixed first before being used to check for glaucoma.